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An area of puy and plateau,of woods, myrtles, heather, lakes, natural stone and stunning views.

In the Millevaches or at the foot of the Massif de Monedieres, between Le Vezere and Gorges Dordogne, these are outstanding areas of natural beauty within a Regional Park. Village and small town properties offer the discerning buyer opportunity to acquire an affordable home which benefits from a superb location and the potential for an outdoor idyllic lifestyle or even setting up a small enterprise like chambres d'hote.

Correze ~ a Lakeland with Seasons

Through this page you can access details of homes, houses or accommodation principally in the Correze. You may contact us on info@elgo.net to advertise. Remember we are not estate agents so we can offer no advice or recommendation on the properties shown. We can, of course, point you toward the local notaire's office if that will help or to an English speaking couple who will view for you!

Selling or Buying

ELGO property network is not an estate agency. Elgonet is able to offer the private seller space to sell their own property on the internet at very little cost as "maison a'vendre". As a buyer, you too may wish to publish you wants here or approach Rob and Cally Worden, who act completely independent of this web site to view for you or as finders of property for buyers in France. With the internet the world has become an accessible market place, remember you have found us and so do others.

Call bilingual Jackie Clegg to locate something you can renovate, find the finished item or simply get your own place in the sun and make it fun!

Many people are now looking for more than a renovation project and advice on how to do and get work done in France; they want someone to handle all the little things they are unsure about when buying abroad and probably want a home ready to occupy, a perfectly sound and habitable property at a price and in a location they can afford. Why not contact Cally Worden who specialise in actively assisting British buyers to locate suitable and bespoke properties in choice locations in rural Limousin or even in the departments adjacent to the Creuse, Correze and the Haute-Vienne.

Jackie Clegg , 19470 Madranges, France


« Le Champ Joli «

Cally and Rob's beautifully equipped Gite ~ available to rent

E-mail – Cottage / Gite Enquiry

View property in the area - www.cottagelimousin.com


More about the Vézère & Monédières

Other family businesses include Design n' Build a bespoke service for your home in the UK and abroad.


Building and Development Projects in the Monédières the jewel in the Massif des Monédières and Le parc naturel régional de Millevaches en Limousin

~ Stone and wood-beam Barns ~

Millevaches, a thousand sources, a thousand resources . This land consists of a remarkable natural environments where alternate peat, moors dry with heathers, forests of coniferous and deciduous leafy trees, undulating landscapes and meadows with gentian rare variety ... Sheltering significant animal species: from otter to wild cat, mussel and trout; from rare butterflies to, linnets or eagles ... and a wealth of migratory birds.


This is an advertising site is for pay and display only predominantly for rural and town properties in the Correze (19), French Limousin.

Remember, you found us here and so will others

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